Colours Indian School

Parent Speaks

“Communication Skills improved. My son has good food habits & very good manners which is very nice”. Ms.Rachel, MO- JohnSpurgeon.G

“My child improved her communication. She is shyless, fearless & became social now. Her readability, Singing rhymes & prayer songs taught in school became daily displays.Colours Indian  School will be making differences in our children’s life”. Mr. Sam, FO -JaimieSandra.S

“My daughter started to like the school environment which means that she is very comfortable.Iam happy that i have put my daughter in a best place. Ms.Diana, MO- JaphiaDane.J

“Fayaz is good at home. He communicates well than before. We are happy to see this from him” Ms.Anees, MO-Fayaz Ahmed.T.S

“Really i feel happy that my daughter has improved a lot in all her activities.The colours day event was excellent.Very creative and the child was able to understand the concepts better with the activity like this. Good team work and keep up the good work.Our sincere thanks for the same.” Ms.RaajaRajeshwari, MO-Archithaa.R.P