Colours Indian School


Keeping in view the spirit of the National Curriculum Framework 2005 COLOURS INDIAN SCHOOL shall adopt activity-based, child-centered and Joyful teaching-learning programme. At the upper primary level, the activities Will be more board – based and suited to children of the higher age group, namely teacher demonstrations, practical work, surveys nature trails, seminars and computer – aided teaching – learning programs. Every teacher in the school will prepare a well taught – out action plan in the Teacher’s Diary, before taking up the teaching – learning program in the class.

To assist the teacher in preparing the action plan, a Teacher’s Manual Containing unit plans and work sheets have been developed by COLOURS. These manuals contain guidelines for teaching lessons in all subjects from Grade I to XII, based on the National Curriculum Framework for Schools [NCFS 2005], promulgated by Ministry of HRD, Government of India. The work sheets appended to each unit/lesson will evaluate student’s Comprehension of the subject matter.

Over – emphasis on rote learning. Cramming and text – bookcentered teaching. Followed by pen and paper sit – down tests will be avoided, as this approach leaves hardly any scope for the spontaneous development of the children. The cultivation of appropriate skills and attitudes among the  children will be planned.

Montessori Activities has been given special attention by providing separate Kids Garden, Sand Pit, Swings, Slides, Toy Room, Clay ModellingCorner, Activity Corner, Audio Visual Aids, etc. Personal attention is given to each child through constant evaluation.