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Colours Indian School

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Colours Indian School (CBSE) is an independent-Day School promoted and managed by Michael Educational Trust

Colours Indian School

Colours Indian School

1 week 3 hours ago

In accordance with the theme of World Ozone Day - "Ozone for Life", our students took timely initiative to create awareness regarding ozone layer preservation through their drawings. Our small step towards protecting the ozone layer for future generations.

Colours Indian School

1 week 23 hours ago

Hazardous gases, harmful radiations and poisonous emissions of Sun and space are being hurdled and reflected by the ozone layer. The most common talk during our childhood was about the creation of hole in the layer. Yet, through the numerous efforts and continuous awareness created by the human society, it has been found that the hole is sealed and the layer is safe now. This is an example of the willpower of collective minds and the awareness campaigns that we undertook to save the man kind. Here is the day to celebrate our achievement and to continue to stay on the same page for our well-being. Let's stand together to save the roof of our house - Earth.

Colours Indian School

1 week 4 days ago

Greatest feel in our voyage of life is helping an unknown person when he/she is in need. This seems to be the most valuable, non-profitable and a succour without future anticipations. Aiding a victim after an accident or an unprecedented situation seems to be the greatest succour, and we are supposed to make our children to help others without any expectancies. On this significant day, we all have to guide our children to care for others and to make him/her understand that any help is not been done for future anticipations, as they are our fundamental duties as a fellow beings of this Earth.

On this International First Aid Day, let's take an oath now to save lives and to prevent injuries! And let's look at the awareness signs/makings made by our children.

Colours Indian School

2 weeks 1 day ago

International Literacy Day 2020

Colours Indian School

2 weeks 2 days ago


I see the world in a different light.
I can discriminate between, right and wrong.
I perceive things in a different style.
I have learnt to go, the extra mile.
I have deeper understanding of things.
Dear Teacher, you have truly given me wings.
Thank You TEACHER 💐

Colours Indian School

2 weeks 5 days ago

T - tirelessly
E - educating
A - and
C - caring
H - human-being of
E - earth
R - respecting and remembering the hard works of teachers on this prime day is really a great thing to be done. And here in COLOURS, we always appreciate their noble deeds and the depicted shot is a small dedication to the heroes of the day and also to remember the achievements of the man who represented this community - Dr. Sarvepali Radhakrishnan.
Let's stand with them to accomplish the literate India mission.
Happy Teacher's Day!

Colours Indian School

3 weeks 3 days ago

High spirits on the streets of the most aesthetic state of India - Kerala

A celebration of Unity - No caste! No religion!
A festival of hospitality - King Mahabali's visit to his countrymen
A fiesta of humility - Arrogant ruler taught to become humble.
A Jamboree of amity - Incarnation of God to save his beloveds
A beanfeast of equality - Variety of food to nullify the hunger of all.

Onam is a festival, which is celebrated by each and every malayalee all over the world. And as a benovalent neighbors, we wish them a very very Happy Onam!

Colours Indian School

3 weeks 6 days ago

Callow talks of a kid are usually delightful and pleasant. Whereas if a kid starts to educate us, then it would be gladdening and gratifying to all her rooters. Here we present a making of Lissandra from Sapphire (Grade I)for you to experience the pleasure of listening to a sublime work, in which she cordially presents her making and sketches about the concept of objects and its dimensions. So let's join together to give ears for her enlightening words and to give eyes for her precise attempt.

Colours Indian School

1 month 2 days ago

On this auspicious day, Ganesh Chathurthi, wisdom-prosperity alliance is all the way reaching us. Whereas, we invite you to enjoy watching the Little Ganeshas of COLOURS and to look at their tempting makings - modaks. Culture-centric celebrations are vital to bring more and more enrichment for our tradition and culture. So let's come together to celebrate our festivals and offer foods to needies on this holy day, which is always equivalent worshipping the God. Here is a video by our Little Ganeshas. Do watch and enjoy!
Happy Ganesh Chathurti

Colours Indian School

1 month 5 days ago

Past beautiful memories are daydreams to be frequented.
Wistful longings are nightmares to be extincted.
Capturing the nuances are hobbies to be fabricated.
And all these are blissful happenings to be integrated
Here we integrate them through pictures. As a note of celebrating the "World Photography Day", our students had captured the findings of their own desires. Let's watch the video and stare at their copybooks.
Let the COLOURS family say Cheese!

Happy World Photography Day.

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