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"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."

ECHO is a project based learning which is an effective and enjoyable way to trigger curiosity amongst children. It helps them to unravel just about anything and provides real relevance for learning.

Our Young minds have captured the idiosyncratic feature of learning. Students of COLOURS INDIAN SCHOOL have projected Week - I of ECHO Presentation on various subjects with their newfangled ideas.

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Colours Indian School

1 week 3 days ago


We, COLOURS INDIAN SCHOOL, celebrated our 9th Annual Day with great enthusiasm on the day of 29th February 2020. Theme chosen was Black and White Era wherein the songs, costumes and properties were of the same kind; Talks of the day were the crescent moon that was shining as a stage background, a beautiful flight of stairs, flowers-and-leaves decked out pillars.
We started with a graceful prayer dance called ”Mahakaviyin Kanavu”, and followed by an eco-centric play called ”Evergreen lungs of the Earth” that was performed by the little buds of our Kindergarten.
Next was an optical illusion based performance called ”Trick of Vision” that stood as an eye treat for the audience. Then came the play called ”Suzzane's Christmas Party”, which was the most cutest among the all.
Next on stage was the ”Tap and Clap” dance. And followed by Malarum Ninaivugal that had a very good collection of old melody songs, which took the audience back in time.
Followed by ”Body Breakers” a majestic breakdance based on Michael Jackson's dance moves. Then came the ”Geet Suhane” an elegant dance performance by our young talents on the golden era of Bollywood!
In-between we had the most awaited ”Kindergarten Convocation” and ”Prize distribution ceremony”.
Our ”Mellisai Thendral” was a mesmerising dance performance by our students and it was followed by ”Mezhipiditha Kaigal Indhru Yenthi Nirkirathey” a street play that depicted our current situation of farmers - a strong message was delivered to the audience.
”Iru Thuruvanghal” an iconic dance off between Padmini (Deepa) and Vyjayanthimala (Sreeja). Hats off to them for giving a sensational performance. Another attraction was the ”Lights Out”, which held another aspect of the dark and horror. This was the highlight of the day and even had audience's involvement.
Moreover, all the events were well-organised and deserved the appreciation of the parents. So let's have a glimpse of this wonderful day.

Colours Indian School

2 weeks 5 days ago

Diwali is called the festival of lights!
On this auspicious day of celebration, the whole ambiance is full of the air of contentment and happiness around this point.
The Gleam of diyas line the street, double the charm of luck, overspill with happiness and bound tightly with the ray of success.
The light represents the triumph of light over the dark and the power of good over evil.
The light hearts of COLOURS; enlighten the Supreme light of hope provoking the self-luminous inner spiritual wealth of the self with their merriment and admiring hand works.
Light a lamp of KNOWLEDGE!
Blast a knot of PESSIMISM!
Shoot a fire of PROSPERITY!

Colours Indian School

2 weeks 5 days ago

CHILDREN'S DAY emphasizes the significance of giving education, protection, equal opportunities, freedom, love, and attention to the Country's Young mind.
Children are the invaluable assets of the future nation, a lovely bud who has just started to bloom.

"The Children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country," said Nehru.
Teachers are the souls filled with extreme positivity and encouragement molded with patience who embolden the little hearts to construct their career.

Happy Children's Day to all the COLOURFUL Buds of COLOURS INDIAN SCHOOL with all success!

Colours Indian School

2 weeks 6 days ago

The Festival of Lights;symbolizes new beginnings, splendor, and joy. The celebration, steadily looming pollution and global warming issues due to deleterious crackers.
Isn't it time to step back and think?
Our COLOURS FAMILY; has dedicated this feast to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.
Our little petals from COLOURS INDIAN SCHOOL have taken an Oath on Safe and GREEN DIWALI.

Colours Indian School

3 weeks 5 days ago

"Tsunami: The Global threat"
On December 2004, a deadly event with invincible loss hit the peak of disaster.

Preserve the past Tsunami statistics for future preparedness. In December 2015, the United Nations General Assembly designated 5th November as WORLD TSUNAMI AWARENESS DAY to promote a Global culture of Tsunami awareness.
Saving lives and protecting the livelihood of communities requires sustainable early warning systems and education. We need to build the future we want today.

On this day, WE COLOURS FAMILY encourage the development of national and community level, local disaster risk reduction strategies to save more lives.

Colours Indian School

1 month 2 days ago

Happy Halloween Day
What an excellent day for an exorcism!!
It's Halloween!!
We COLOURS are celebrating this covid Halloween through technology. Hope you are scared because when there is no room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth and today when you wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of lamb, YOU SEE DEAD PEOPLE!!

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1 month 3 days ago

Happy Eid Milad-Un-Nabi

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